Manhardeep Singh Ahluwalia




Thoughts so genuine, speech so effective
and eye so keen that
you will be mesmerised, motivated and analysed in no



First book at
18 years

Second book at
19 years

Reiki - Master Degree at
18 years

Black Belt at
18 years

Manhardeep Singh

Multifarious personality
with several other talents

Student for life, author by creation,
motivational speaker by passion and
handwriting analyst by profession ,
Manhardeep has an insatiable desire to
learn new things wherever he goes.

Manhardeep is a voracious reader who leads
his life on a simple principle –
Take care to get what you like
or else you’ll be forced to like what you get.


Writing since 18

A famous quote goes Necessity is the mother of invention. I never knew about my latent talent of writing until I entered a book writing contest – that was when The Guideline of Life came into creation. My journey as an author has been like an exhilarating roller coaster ride with appreciation and rejections being the ups and downs of the voyage. But it has been amazing!

The journey of the unknown path - Manhardeep Singh

The Journey of the Unknown Path

Rama and Michel – two characters at different time frames, decide to go on mysterious and dangerous journey which demands struggle and survival of the fittest. During the journey, both the characters get assistance from a diary that answers questions. What questions do Rama and Michel ask from the diary ? What challenges does Rama face in his voyage into the dark unknown forest? Will Michel be able to get out of the dark tunnel he ventured into? The Journey of the Unknown Path is a tale of self-awakening and self-realization of not only these characters but also of the reader.

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A Master Storyteller

A story without the point or a point without the story is never retained by the mind. Manhardeep has learned through trials and toils the various principles which make any story and any point retain in the mind. At various occasions, Manhardeep has been referred with adjectives like master influencer,the game changer, the table turner and master storyteller. He embarks his audience to a new journey with his storytelling.

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Psychological knowledge to analyse people

I believe that graphology and magic have a similarity – they leave people amazed. I have seen various emotions of people elevate during my handwriting analysis session; Emotions like excitement, astonishment, surprise, wonder, amazement and some even burst in tears. Shakespeare wrote, “Give me the handwriting of a woman and I will tell you her character”. I say give me anyone’s handwriting and I would tell you about him/her.


Employee Screening -

Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis is the science which helps analyse a person’s nature, character and gives an in-depth detail of the personality as a whole just through his handwriting.

Employee Screening -

Employee Screening

Handwriting analysis can help you filter the RIGHT person(s) out of various applicants with the RIGHT skills and traits to be at the RIGHT place or job in your organization.

Employee Screening -

Relationship compatibility

In relationships, like attracts like. With Relationship Compatibility you can find if your partner is that Mr. Perfect or Ms. Perfect made for you.

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