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Handwriting Analysis

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Handwriting analysis is the science of analysing a person’s personality through his/her handwriting. You will be surprised to know what all can your handwriting reveals about you or of course any other person. Getting your handwriting analyzed will help you know yourself better. Added suggestions for changes in the handwriting help in improving any bad trait in the personality.

Be amazed at what your handwriting tell people about you. Analysing and understanding your reports will help you know what impression are you putting on other people. As a result you can improve your ways and know yourself better.

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What people said about our Handwriting Analysis service

You told everything about me. I have no questions. I am speechless. - Ms. Kanika Sood

I had no idea my handwriting could reveal so much about me. I bet you know more about me Manhar than my best friend. - Anshika Sharma

I am amazed at the details handwriting analysis gives. On top of that, the report Mr. Singh provides is so insightful. - Mr. Rakesh Kaul

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Employee Screening

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The selection procedure at an organization is supposed to be a highly important and sensitive process. It requires immense care on the part of the selectors that they select the people who are best suited for that particular job. With the help of employee screening report the employer gets to know about various negative traits that his employees may have. Employee screening report can be used at every level of hiring, from low-paying to high paying jobs, from non-skilled to highly skilled, and from clerical to middle and top management posts. Another important benefit of handwriting analysis for personnel screening is in weeding out generally undesirable employees at the outset.

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What people said about our employee screening sessions

Very insightful report. Nothing can match for an employer than knowing his employees better. - Mr. Akhilesh, Fortune Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

As a manager, I need to know which thing motivates my employees. Knowing the employee’s better through personality report compiled by Manhardeep helped me understand them better. - Mr. Jaspreet Singh, Ester Egg Technologies

If you need to hire better employees ask a job consultant, but if you want to hire the best employees ask Manhardeep. - Ms. Esha, Arctech Limited

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Relationship Compatiblity

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Relationships seem simple from the outside, but when it comes to a long term commitment, it is best to check for the compatibility. Through relationship compatibility you will receive a report about each other’s personality and how they interact with each other, in other words, how compatible you are with each other. Relation compatibility is not limited to just checking how compatible a relationship would be, but it can also give you insight into an existing relation. After all, understanding glues two person’s together, through relationship compatibility report you get the exact personality of each other.

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What couples said about our Relationship compatiblity service

I had tough time understanding my partner. When I shared this problem with Manhar, he asked me to send my boyfriend’s handwriting. Within 2 minutes, Manhar told me that his personality is this way and there is no problem in him. Thanks Manhar.” - Ms. Riya

Okay, I must admit that I was very skeptical when Manhar asked me to send him me and my girlfriend’s handwriting. But when he gave me details I was taken aback. Manhar definitely hit the tee there. Also, he suggested us both to do some changes in our handwriting. Let’s see how the changes will impact in the future. - Mr. Avinash

I came to know about Manhardeep from his books. I was excited to get his relationship compatibility service out of curiosity. Well, this dude really is the master of his art. I won’t say he was 100% correct but yes 95% of the things were exactly as he described. I am amazed. - Ms. Arpita

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Personality Profiling

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Personality is a very complex mix of various traits working in conjunction with each other. Through personality profiling you will receive a report highlighting all the major traits that your personality has – both good as well as bad traits. Personality profiling helps you learn about your personality – your strengths as well as weaknesses. As it is said “Knowing one’s weaknesses is one of the strengths”, personality profiling helps you have that strength.

How do I place my order?
See how your report will look like (.pdf)