Finding Love Through Graphology aims at providing knowledge to find perfect love. This book will help you in:

• Understanding your personality
• Quickly finding the hell traits in partner’s handwriting
• Knowing what makes the relationship work
• Filtering out incompatible partners
• Improving one’s personality through grapho-therapy

Finding Love Through Graphology is no lover’s guide but a guide to finding the perfect love.

ARE YOU DATING A LIAR? is a comprehensive, to-the-point ebook that highlights 12 handwriting strokes which reveal a liar. 

This book will help you in:

  • Finding out quickly if a person is a liar
  • Recognizing the various lying strokes found in the handwriting
  • Detecting a liar at workplace or any other social scenario
  • Finding out which of your friends are frequent liars, so you trust them wisely

Would you like to own a signature that attracts money? Discover 14 such handwriting strokes that are sure to bring in wealth.

You not only get the information about the strokes but also the visual indicators showing exactly how to use them.

14 Strokes of Billionaires can help you:

  • Own a signature that attracts wealth
  • Inculcate success traits
  • Remove unnecessary traits
  • Apprehend areas to improve
  • Mend the personality the way you want

14 Strokes of Billionaires is a comprehensive self-help book in the handwriting analysis series. If you like books on wealth, success, and peace of mind, then you’ll love Manhardeep Singh’s informative book.

Buy 14 Strokes of Billionaires to start attracting wealth today.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” This is the principle on which EQUILIBRIUM answers What Makes People Do Things They Shouldn’t Do

The book unveils 20+ personality traits along with their specific reasons that actually cause someone to behave in a particular way. Such traits includes but is not limited to anger, cheating, obstinate, sarcasm etc.