Hidden Diamond Discovered

Well, I got this today that we can't predict where talent can be hidden. Really, its amazing to find some gems who are in the form of classmate with you. Yes, I'm talking about one of my classmate, Gurpreet Kaur, who wrote the following incredible creative article. Appreciate her by commenting. Here goes her article, … Continue reading Hidden Diamond Discovered

Graphology: Do these sisters bully their brother?

Today we'll look into the lives of three siblings - two elder sisters and a younger brother. It is said a child's mind is like a wet cement, whatever falls on it leaves an impression. Every psychologist understands the impact of childhood experiences on one's behavior and adulthood. So one question that pops up in … Continue reading Graphology: Do these sisters bully their brother?

Identifying My Identity

Identifying my identity "Dude, what are you up to? Are you going to stop being a dabbler now?" asked my best friend while I was lying on a bed in dilemma trying to figure out what has happened to me. While I was in my thoughts, she insinuated the doctor to give me a dose … Continue reading Identifying My Identity

My oldest article – “The Secret of Life”

Today I was just sorting out my mailbox, deleting all the unnecessary mails and suddenly I came across a document file. I opened it up in Google Docs... and WOW!!! that's my oldest article. Yes, the article "The Secret of Life" is indeed the oldest (not one of the oldest but the oldest) article which … Continue reading My oldest article – “The Secret of Life”

Achievement – What is it?

I was traveling in a bus - towards Ludhiana. I was thinking random thoughts when suddenly some thing from the past came in front of my eyes, and I saw a completely different image of ACHIEVEMENT, which I never thought in my mind. I remembered: When I first time gave my Martial Arts test. After … Continue reading Achievement – What is it?

The way towards PERFECTION!!

Do you remember always daydreaming, "I'll be perfect."?? I too had the same thought when I was a small kid. And today I was giving my thought a thought. So is it possible to be perfect?? "Yes, of course", I said. But for that you need to follow the following quote:   “If you want … Continue reading The way towards PERFECTION!!