The ABC’S of Life


This article is targeted toward professional marketers in the industry of network marketing. During one of my workshops, I did a special presentation on the ABCs of achieving the top position in life and in business. The ABCs that I spoke of are as follows:

A – Attitude/Action,

B – Building/Belief,

C – Commitment/Caring.

The foundation to success in life is a positive attitude. We all hear about it, we all talk about it and we all read about, but do we all have positive attitudes? Your attitude can go in three different directions – forward, neutral and backward. Going forward produces a positive attitude, remaining neutral and/or sliding backward result in a negative attitude. You cannot have both a positive and negative attitude! A person with a positive attitude will have “down days”, which are characteristics of a leader.

In order to be successful, you must experience frustrations in life that tend to make you a stronger leader with a drive to succeed. Another important component to developing a positive attitude is establishing daily action steps. There are three key ingredients in building a professional business in network marketing or life in general.

1. Reading your WHY card upon arising in the morning and retiring in the evening. The most important force in your life is your WHY, which I speak extensively in my training programs and during seminars. (WHY are you living the life that you live day in and day out) You need to internalize your WHY and develop it into your spirit.

2. Consult with your Mastermind Team. Your Mastermind Team is the first three people that you consult with each and everyday that will ultimately help you achieve your WHY in life.

3. Speak to three new people a day about your business. Those three new people are three new prospects/three new seeds. “Seed time and harvest will not cease.” Those are two principles that will parallel your success in business and mainly in life. Basically what ever you plant you will harvest – positive or negative.

A forward-moving attitude will help you to build a huge business for yourself and have an incredibly successful life. I challenge you this week to read your WHY card, consult your Mastermind Team daily and speak to three new people a day about your business.