Feeling Down and Self Mastery


What Causes People to Feel Upset

There is many things that can make people upset. When people get upset it is normally because someone has hurt their feeling. It doesn’t feel good when you are upset. Other reasons people feel upset is that they lack the skills they need to improve their life. Each day they may struggle to find answers, yet the answers seem out of their reach. They may wander through life asking other people what is wrong with them, when all they had to do in the first place is reach deep within where they would find the answers to resolve their problems. They lack self-mastery skills.


Because most people’s emotions are sensitive, many things can cause a person to feel upset. People often feel sad, or hurt when someone calls them names, yet the names they are called is often not the root of the real problem.

What are some things that might get someone upset?

Just think about it when you hear someone talk to about you or even call you names that are not good ones. How does this make you feel? You may think that this person is not your friend. Truly, if the person calls you names, then they are not your friend, but if that person gives, you sound advice and you become angry…then you are not the friend. Therefore, what do you do when this happens all you can do is walk away or try to talk to them. May when you talk to them you will be able to find out why they are doing this to you. Often you have to let go of the negative and get with positive people to help you develop self-mastery skills.

Another thing that might make you upset or feel blue would be if your child would call you out of your name this isn’t a good thing. We are there for our children though thick and thin. Then to have your child call you out of your name would just tear you up. Therefore, what should you do when this happens to you? I would think when something like this happens to you that you should sit down and have a talk to them. Maybe a good grounding is in order. It depends how bad they have hurt your feelings.

What should you do if some one at work upsets you? If this should happen then you have some other choices that you are able to do. The first thing that you should do is talk to that person and finds out why they are making you upset. If this doesn’t help then going to your boss or Forman and asking to talk to them, you are going to want to explain why you are feeling up set and ask them to do something to help you. Maybe they will be able to talk to them and help to get the answers your want to get.

What are you going to do if you’re not able to pay your bills? When you are not able to pay your bills, you’re going to feel inadequate. You have to pay your bills in order to be able to live so what do you do when this happens. When this happens to you then you might want to see about making some kind of payment plans this works a lot of times, if your not able to do this then maybe a close friend or even a family member can help you though times like this is want friends and family is all about help when in need.

When you get up set, you’re going to have to remember that you will need to stay calm. If you’re not able to do this then you might want to stay away from that person that get you all upset, just until your able to talk to them to explain how you are feeling