Art – Make It Your Next Investment

pexels-photo-318238.jpegThere are a lot of people who enjoy decorating with beautiful and original pieces of art. Some may think that they spent a fortune on it, but if they attended an art festival they may have found a bargain.

Attending an art festival to look for your next purchase of a piece of art is a great way to save money. You never know what you are going to find. There are many different artists supplying a variety in different pieces. Whether it is a wall hanging or sculpture for your garden, there is a choice. You could even be buying a piece of work made by a future artist whose works will one day be worth a small fortune.

If you are a collector or a dealer of art, this is an excellent opportunity to purchase for your own investment. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, you will most likely find it.

You don’t have to go just to make a purchase either. You can just simply get an idea of some things you might want to purchase in the future. Get an idea of the different types of art that are out there. Discover what your taste in art is. It is a nice way to just enjoy your day. Art usually has a calming effect on most people so just go to simply enjoy a day off. There are other things to do when you attend an art festival.

Some people go to art festivals in search of other homemade products. There are stands that sell beaded jewelry. Silver and turquoise is another popular choice in homemade jewelry. This is a great way to purchase something different. Some of it being better quality than jewelry you’ll find in a department store.

Crafts are another thing sought out when one attends an art festival. Some of us love crafts, but just don’t have the knack to make our own. It is also a great way for crafty people to sell their pieces. Making a profit off their hobby.

Art festivals are annual events in most areas. You may not live somewhere an art festival is held. You can search on the Internet to find out if there is an art festival held in a near by location to you. If you truly love art you won’t mind the extra time it takes to attend a festival. Art festivals are a rewarding experience to both who attended them and the artists selling their works. It is something to look forward to every year knowing that you will again experience the endless talent of the locals near you.


Hidden Diamond Discovered

Well, I got this today that we can’t predict where talent can be hidden. Really, its amazing to find some gems who are in the form of classmate with you.

Yes, I’m talking about one of my classmate, Gurpreet Kaur, who wrote the following incredible creative article.

Appreciate her by commenting.

Here goes her article, Journey of Life.

Journey of Life

Over the years, I have discovered life is a journey, a pilgrimage, a sacred adventure. Life is an experience of both joy and turmoil. Only those people can live the happiest life, who can understand and see the nuances of life. There are only a few people who are incredibly disciplined in their lives.

Each of us from time to time experience crisis from different life changing events and transitions, all unpredictable moments arriving and intruding into our well-groomed lives. We don’t ask for this interference and we wonder why it has arrived bringing havoc and confusion.

There are three phases of life which every human being have to pass through. The stages are:

  1. Infant,
  2. Teenage / Youngster
  3. Old age

Often, people gauge that infant age is dynamic and best stage of our life. In this time, children get a lot of praise and applaud from their parents. Because of their innocent nature, they easily get along well with each other.

In the second stage, our innocent nature gets converted into mature one. We become gorgeous, delectable and attractive, theses all changes make us earnest and responsible. This is the golden period of our life. Because we get loads of opportunities to make our careers but it depends upon the person how he would grab it or use it.

Old age is too difficult period for those who took wrong decision in their second phase of life, because now they have to depend on their children for bread and butter.

All these stages are but slice of life. Celebrating, mourning or wrestling with a life passage is an extraordinary act. Slow down and be in touch with your feelings. Be kind and loving to yourself. Act from your spirit and heart and don’t forget to breath!

– Gurpreet Kaur


Identifying My Identity

Identifying my identity

“Dude, what are you up to? Are you going to stop being a dabbler now?” asked my best friend while I was lying on a bed in dilemma trying to figure out what has happened to me.

While I was in my thoughts, she insinuated the doctor to give me a dose of Trazodone so that I can take rest. After all, she’s the one who looks after me.

Let me introduce myself. I’m the one who likes to brag about things in front of the people whom I want to impress. I’m very hysterical because of my possessive nature. Though people see me as a crusty person but who are in proximity with me know that I’m milder from inside.

I usually pout when I have to disagree with something or usually when there is a nuance difference in the opinion. My nature also depicts that I’m reclusive after having an abysmal experience. I also want someone to back me up during my stage of turmoil.

When I’m sad, I also like to distort things but I hate petrifying experiences. Edgy situations usually irk me. I also dislike being understated. I also hate apologetic situations.

If people around me disagree with me, then the situation usually end up as becoming an argument. During this stage, I most of the times think that the other person has misconstrued me.

I aspire to be transcended as a prodigy and I want people to get stunned and dumbstruck after seeing my spectacular appearance.

I also want to be prolific in whatever I do so that people can call me, “This is the person who broke the shackles of traditional methods that curbed the optimal potential of a person.”

I like to have cathartic experiences only when I’m in a calm and dark environment.

I’m able to get along with people whom I like.

To club up my nature, I would say that I like to enjoy each and every moment of my being.

And my friends, my name is – HUMAN.

– Manhardeep Singh Ahluwalia


Do you face challenges? You are so lucky.

In our thought-process challenges are embedded as negative things which we should not face. If challenges are there, it means there is some problem. But some people have a different perception.

As Edgar Allan Poe states, “Never to suffer would be like never to have been blessed.”

If you are facing challenges in you life, you are really lucky, because a challenge is nothing but an opportunity to progress. If you overcome the challenge, you progress and if you don’t, still you progress by learning something from the failure.

So, challenges actually create a win-win situation for us.

If next time you face any challenge, say out loud, “Thank God for making me lucky.”



When I was not a topper

When I was not a topper I had many misconceptions about what a topper was. I was standing in the assembly line for the morning prayer when I saw my friend joining hands in a different style and I thought may be that made all the difference. I changed my style of joining hands and observed the results for a month but nothing changed. I thought I was focusing on the wrong thing.
I thought the events that happen to us before the exam on the exam day may affect the result. I thought those events actually make all the difference. I clearly noted all the events that happened with me on the day my exam went well. I tried to have all those events in my another exam but the results were not as I was expecting. I again thought that I may be focusing on the wrong thing.
Then I read somewhere “For success in any field, little things do not matter much – they matter everything” and a seed of doing little things everyday sowed into my mind. I made it a rule to read one page of my academic book everyday. This little change of effort astonished me with the results I got. I was among the top three rank holders of the class all the way from being somewhere in the last. Finally, I found out what made all the difference. It was ME and my LITTLE EFFORTS EVERYDAY.
As this experience helped me realize the importance of little efforts, little things we do everyday. So for all those who are reading this, I would like to quote the line which helped me realize this:

For success in any field, little things do not matter much – they matter everything!


Come first or come last, either way you have to work!

Is it possible to divorce before even getting married? If no, then how is it possible to relish the taste of success before even working hard to earn it?

But before doing that “hardwork” we must know what it actually is. Because if everyone knows about hardwork, then why don’t they do it?

If you’ve understood the meaning of what hardwork is, then you can proceed further, otherwise again go to the above link and read what is hardwork.

So if the fragile dripping water can make its mark on a tough stone then indeed hardwork can dig enough ground to provide you with the jewel of success.

But the question to ask yourself is: Is it possible to dig that ground without working hard?

Now, I’m going to go against your current thoughts and claim that – yes, it is possible that divorce can come before marriage and success can come before work. This is a big secret which is going to be revealed to you.

And the secret is that there is no such secret. You are provided with whatever you need at the right time on your journey without you knowing about it.

And the place where divorce comes before marriage and success comes before work is – Dictionary!

No Bullshit, only Quotes

When you know more you come to know how much you know less

I went to an adventure camp organized by “I CAN DO IT”

I was in Yellow Belt then and had been learning martial arts for about three months.

The next morning came and it was time for some exercise (which was obviously optional). Me and some of the friends got ready for the exercise… and I was like “I’m a martial artist and I can do anything” my god, what a thinking that was… the typical “I know all” thinking, which kills many.

And today, being black belt, training a lot of students, I realize how much less I know.

Of course, you too might have experienced the same thing in your profession, work place or in personal life.

So to conclude, remember:

“When you know more you come to know how much you know less.”


Finding the largest resource-base for yourself

Do you know where the largest amount of resources of earth are hidden?

You read it in your primary school.

The book said, “The man dig the earth to get resources out of her.”

And being in Earth, we have the same characteristics as that of her.

Which means our greatest resource-base is nothing outside but within us, all we have to is dig ourselves – look within us.


Why do you need PMA?

PMA stands for Positive Mental Attitude.

But what for do you need PMA?

Let me tell you, PMA is a prerequisite for success. If you don’t have PMA, you can’t be successful (no exceptions).

You condition your attitude from different sources such as the people you meet, the articles and books you read and the visual programs (such as serials, news channel, celeb interviews and inspiring videos) you watch.

It is not late, you can start to develop PMA today by –

Meeting people who have positive perception and positive attitude towards life. They are the people who inspire you.

Reading inspirational articles and self-help books (including “The Guideline of Life“)

Watch successful personalities’ interviews, inspiring videos etc.

These small acts day by day will develop PMA in you and you’ll start to climb the ladder of success.


When people don’t complete – they compete

“Its survival of the fittest.”

“There is cut-throat competition”

“You need to fight to get to the top.”

“If you can’t pull the other person down, how will you go up?”

“You need to USE the other person to get your work done.”

These are the statements you may be familiar with.

These are the statements we come to hear in the corporate world… and surprisingly, these statements are used by 97% of the people of the world who, as the stats states, earn only 3% of the world’s wealth.

But there is another bunch of people, they are very less in number… who don’t use the “Statements of competition” instead they use “Statements of completion” such as:

“Help others to get what they want, if you want to get what you want.”

“You need to complete each other to be the best.”

“2 brains are better than one.”

“If you pick up that person today, he may lend you hand if you fall tomorrow.”

These people are rare and are 3% of the total population making money as little as 97% of the total world’s wealth.

There exists two groups… where you want to go, only you’ll decide… but I know this that the person who follow’s 97%ers system will get what they get and vice versa, no doubt about it.

So… are you going to compete with each other or complete each other? This will decide in which category you fall… will you be a 97%er or a 3%er?