Measure to whether you’ll succeed or fail.

I came across a line which helped me to derive a formula with which we can estimate, whether we will succeed or fail in the future. The line is “Success and excuses never move together.” But to be successful, we also have to perform actions. Without actions failure is inevitable. So here is the formula […]

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I have paid the price

I originally wrote this article on 21st May, 2010 and sent this to only those who are very close to me. First time, this article is being displayed publicly. It took almost 10 months for this article to be displayed publicly, so you can estimate, what’s the potential of this article. (NOTE: Read at your […]

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Experience defined

This is my attempt of defining EXPERIENCE in my views. Here it goes: “Experience is not only going through but remembering what and how you have gone through.” -Manhardeep Singh Ahluwalia

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Achievement – What is it?

I was traveling in a bus – towards Ludhiana. I was thinking random thoughts when suddenly some thing from the past came in front of my eyes, and I saw a completely different image of ACHIEVEMENT, which I never thought in my mind. I remembered: When I first time gave my Martial Arts test. After […]