Book review: The Success Factor by John Leach

"The Success Factor" authored by John Leach is an awe-inspiring book that reveals to you various set of qualities that Mr. Leach call as The Success Factor. According to him, "Success is really all down to your mindset, as this will control your actions and your dealings with others." The book is written in an … Continue reading Book review: The Success Factor by John Leach

Handling the situation: Winning and Losing

Every game ends by declaring a winner (and obviously a loser) but these tags should not be taken to heart. So the question which needs to be answered is: How should you behave after winning (or losing) a game? And the answer to this important question is already written in a well known quote which … Continue reading Handling the situation: Winning and Losing

Handwriting analysis: George Washington

Today we are going to discuss about what does the handwriting of George Washington, 1st US president, tells about him. Here are his handwriting samples: George Washington is a very emotional and expressive person. He tends to take decisions from heart rather than head, because of which he is able to have high levels of … Continue reading Handwriting analysis: George Washington

Getting acquainted with: CHARACTER

You might have heard a million times "When character is lost, all is lost" but what exactly is character? Lets get acquainted with it. What is Character? Character is what you do when you think no one is watching. Character is what you decide to do when you know that you'll not be caught. Its … Continue reading Getting acquainted with: CHARACTER

From what I was to who I am

A lot of people have known me, Manhardeep, as a very studious, intelligent, enthusiastic, energetic person, but only a few have actually seen the older part of me - Manhar Deep (I used to write my name like this) I was an average student with average grades and average grasping power. Zero creativity and no … Continue reading From what I was to who I am