Passion: Fire In Your Soul

Many people try to hold a raging fire within themselves, but it restlessly and relentlessly gnaws at their core. Some have tried to cover it up with alcohol, numb it with drugs, hide it with shopping, kids, work, or religion, or fuel it with sex. The Baby Boomers looked for eternal youth and to change the world. They thought they would never grow up, but they did. They thought they would change the world and they did. The previous generation looked for the American Dream....

What a Lizard taught me?

We never thought that a small creature like Lizard can teach us anything, but it did. I was in the corridor and suddenly a lizard fell down on the floor, it swiftly came to its comfortable position and with a blink of an eye... WOW!!! it was again on the wall. Such an amazing thing … Continue reading What a Lizard taught me?