Relaxing Muscles Can Be the Key to Reducing Stress

Relaxing Muscles Can Be the Key to Reducing Stress: Perhaps you’re an airline pilot who’s just spent hours in the cockpit.  It seems like every muscle in your body is tense and you need relief.  Or perhaps you’re a stay-at-home mom who’s spent the better part of your day cleaning your house.  You feel as if your nerves are shot and you desperately want to feel better.

Surprised by Stress

Sometimes it seems as if life is a series of losses—the loss of a spouse, the loss of a job, the loss of a brother. You may realize that you need to take time to grieve all of these losses. But what you may not realize is that such losses can also lead to stress—a great deal of it. In order to remain emotionally healthy, you must learn to deal effectively with stress induced by traumatic life events.

Prayer: The Silent Stress-Reliever

You may have first learned to pray at your mother’s knee. You decided that, in times of trouble, prayer could open up a pathway to enlightenment and peace. You might have said a prayer before a big test, before showing your parents your report card, or before the final football game of the season. There appears to be a link between prayer and healing.