Success in terms of Maths

I have a friend named, Raghav Gupta. He is Master in ALOHA (well, sorry guys I don't know what it stands for) and for him doing calculations with big numbers is piece of cake. But for others, it is not such... So after a prolonged thought to this, I derived a quote that defines Success … Continue reading Success in terms of Maths

Do you face challenges? You are so lucky.

In our thought-process challenges are embedded as negative things which we should not face. If challenges are there, it means there is some problem. But some people have a different perception. As Edgar Allan Poe states, "Never to suffer would be like never to have been blessed." If you are facing challenges in you life, … Continue reading Do you face challenges? You are so lucky.

Those golden days

A tribute to the golden days of life. Those were the golden days when every morning our stomach started to ache and as soon as the rickshaw-vala left the home, all the ache went into the drain. Those were the golden days when all we wanted to watch was Tom and Jerry on TV instead … Continue reading Those golden days

Purpose of life

Many a times we wonder and question ourselves "What is the purpose of my life?" or "Why am I here?" So here is my attempt to come closer to these questions' answer. To begin, let me take you to the ancient human society when early men existed on earth. They discovered that if we rub … Continue reading Purpose of life

Yes, you need a mentor. But why?

So I'm going for a quick flashback and remember the first day of my swimming class. I knew that I have learnt swimming, all that lacked was the practice part. I always thought that I don't need a mentor, but now I feel that everyone does, no matter who you are or become. So I … Continue reading Yes, you need a mentor. But why?

Future unseen – pic

"Past is history, Tomorrow is mystery." So lets talk about the mystery. Our life is like driving a car on highway at dark night. All you can see is a few meters ahead the car. Life unveils in the same way. I got an animated pic in my inbox today, which shows the same phenomenon. … Continue reading Future unseen – pic

Discharge the battries n’ live the life to the fullest!

Well, I'm really tired but I can't resist to share this secret to the world. I was really frustrated, low on energy and was static... but a single event really changed all these negative symptoms to positive and that was attending my Martial arts class after a year. According to me, all the problems come … Continue reading Discharge the battries n’ live the life to the fullest!

“If tomorrow never comes” – Poetry

If Tomorrow Never Comes?   Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, Young or old alike, And today may be the last chance, You get to hold your near ones tight.  ♦ So if you are waiting for tomorrow, Why not do it today? And if tomorrow never comes, You’ll surely regret the day. ♦  So … Continue reading “If tomorrow never comes” – Poetry

“Cycle of Life” – Poetry

The poetry I wrote based on the theme "Dawn and Dusk" with limited word count. Cycle of Life Dawn, the very starting of life, When everything seems so pure and white. The flowers bloom with a sunny smile, Their leaves dancing in the soothing breeze while. The sunshine feels enchanted and nice, The green land … Continue reading “Cycle of Life” – Poetry

Why do you need PMA?

PMA stands for Positive Mental Attitude. But what for do you need PMA? Let me tell you, PMA is a prerequisite for success. If you don't have PMA, you can't be successful (no exceptions). You condition your attitude from different sources such as the people you meet, the articles and books you read and the … Continue reading Why do you need PMA?