Is Your Marriage a Companionship or a Love Affair?

Every marriage is just like any relationship. They have their ups and downs, agreements and disagreements and good days and bad days. When you put two people from different backgrounds with different ideas, feelings and expectations together, you simply can’t expect everything to be wonderful all of the time! While some marriages have very serious problems that can only be solved by intense focus and even therapy, most marriages simply become ‘stale’ or uninteresting.

Saurabh Sharma – “Bitter Truth”

Do you know What Really hurts me? Is that, WE ALL (LOVERS/SOCIETY/PARENTS/EVERYONE) Think we are Fine. we think we are All right, ‘n we are Really Happy. It Really Hurts because Nothing Is All right. Because despite of everything we think can make us forget our true nature, We cannot get over the innate humane … Continue reading Saurabh Sharma – “Bitter Truth”