Burning Desire — Golden Key or Red Herring?

Acres of Diamonds… you’ve heard the famous story. A farmer hears tales of diamonds and begins dreaming of vast riches. He sells his farm and hikes off over the horizon. But strangely, the guy with the burning desire and the grand vision ended up disappointed and broke. And the one who just wanted to do some farming got the riches. Was this just another little prank by a mischievous Universe? Or is it possible to get good things with only mild desire — maybe even a calm indifference?

Just For Laughs

When a novice technican person gets an error – Just for Laughs

Novice: “[Company] tech support, how may I help you?” Caller: “Hi, I’ve got a problem. Your program is telling me to get a pet snake. I don’t want one.” Novice: “Excuse me?” Caller: “It’s giving me a message telling me I need a snake to run it.” Novice: “Read the message to me please.” Caller: […]