Wish-fulfilling Genie

So... you have a wish. And you want it to come to reality, right?? Aladdin also had some wishes, but he materialized them by using some extraordinary power named Genie, remember?? Right. I want you to know that you too have a Genie in your life... wanna guess?? its name starts with U_____, any guesses?? … Continue reading Wish-fulfilling Genie

Hidden Diamond Discovered

Well, I got this today that we can't predict where talent can be hidden. Really, its amazing to find some gems who are in the form of classmate with you. Yes, I'm talking about one of my classmate, Gurpreet Kaur, who wrote the following incredible creative article. Appreciate her by commenting. Here goes her article, … Continue reading Hidden Diamond Discovered

Success in terms of Maths

I have a friend named, Raghav Gupta. He is Master in ALOHA (well, sorry guys I don't know what it stands for) and for him doing calculations with big numbers is piece of cake. But for others, it is not such... So after a prolonged thought to this, I derived a quote that defines Success … Continue reading Success in terms of Maths

What do you need to be successful

Well, to be frank there are many myths out there about achieving success and standing out of the crowd. Yes, you read it correct. I was doing my book's event in my school when my former English teacher came to me and said, "To write a book you need to be EXCELLENT in English." I … Continue reading What do you need to be successful

From what I was to who I am

A lot of people have known me, Manhardeep, as a very studious, intelligent, enthusiastic, energetic person, but only a few have actually seen the older part of me - Manhar Deep (I used to write my name like this) I was an average student with average grades and average grasping power. Zero creativity and no … Continue reading From what I was to who I am

Come first or come last, either way you have to work!

Is it possible to divorce before even getting married? If no, then how is it possible to relish the taste of success before even working hard to earn it? But before doing that "hardwork" we must know what it actually is. Because if everyone knows about hardwork, then why don't they do it? If you've … Continue reading Come first or come last, either way you have to work!

Mind is better Google than Google itself

Of course, mind can hide as well as unveil the things you want to see or hide. Eugene Taurman experienced this and said, "What you see depends on what you thought before you looked." So true. A classic example proving this can be: When you come home from your workplace/school/college and you are tired, all … Continue reading Mind is better Google than Google itself

Biggest Magic Ever

Do you know what's the biggest magic in this world? Let me give you a hint, it's not done with sleight of hand but sleight of mind... its named CREATIVITY. "Creativity is like magic, the more you show it the more the people wonder and applaud." -Manhardeep Singh Ahluwalia Related Articles The way towards PERFECTION!! … Continue reading Biggest Magic Ever

Life is like kite

Yes, our life is just like kite. Can't believe it? Here is how it is: We have to go against so many rejections and criticism to fly high, just like kite has to go against the wind. But, this is not the point to be noted because we all know that. No matter how much … Continue reading Life is like kite