When the world holds your hand

I always used to think that the world will automatically give me what I require. It will make me successful without my effort because of which I never thought of the question "HOW?" How the world will make me successful? And today, while reading a quote, I was forced to think of the question "WHY?" … Continue reading When the world holds your hand

2+2 is not 4

No, neither did you make mistake  in reading nor did I make mistake in writing. 2+2 is not always 4. Surprised?? You have been learning, using and teaching everyone the same thing since your childhood and today you suddenly read an article titled "2+2 is not 4", it would definitely not digest. Its nothing contradictory … Continue reading 2+2 is not 4

Getting the best out of life

"How can we get the best out of the life?" my mind questioned my brain at 05:30 And now my brain replied my mind at 21:30 (approx. after 16 hrs of arduous research) Here is how the conversation went: Brain: "What cow gives us?" Mind: "aaaaaaaa..... (Can you (the reader) answer this question?)" (If you … Continue reading Getting the best out of life

Achievement – What is it?

I was traveling in a bus - towards Ludhiana. I was thinking random thoughts when suddenly some thing from the past came in front of my eyes, and I saw a completely different image of ACHIEVEMENT, which I never thought in my mind. I remembered: When I first time gave my Martial Arts test. After … Continue reading Achievement – What is it?

Insight of Sacrifice

So here is an insight of sacrifice. We have heard people screaming to each other, "I've done this for you", "I've sacrificed for you" and all that stuff. So after giving a prolonged thought to this, I came to the following conclusion: “Sacrifice is like an injury. If you don’t forget the old one, you … Continue reading Insight of Sacrifice

The most constant thing – CHANGE!!

Yes, you read it correctly. The most constant thing in this world is CHANGE... And here are my thoughts about change: “Change is inevitable. Accept to change or else you will be forced to change.” -Manhardeep Singh Ahluwalia Related Articles Change is The One Constant in Life (socyberty.com)


Well well well, I was just thinking of having fun with the word "Able" and surprisingly, I made a very wonderful quote. I thought of sharing it with you, so here you go. “A correct attitude enables an unable to be able to do what he was unable to do.” - Manhardeep Singh Ahluwalia

The way towards PERFECTION!!

Do you remember always daydreaming, "I'll be perfect."?? I too had the same thought when I was a small kid. And today I was giving my thought a thought. So is it possible to be perfect?? "Yes, of course", I said. But for that you need to follow the following quote:   “If you want … Continue reading The way towards PERFECTION!!