Reading: The Pleasurable Escape

Reading: The Pleasurable Escape: It can take us to exotic lands, with powdery white beaches and clear azure skies. It can take us back in time—even to prehistoric days—or forward to the Big Brother world of the 25th century. It can fill our eyes with tears or make us laugh aloud. Reading opens a window to the world, giving us a vision of things we never dreamed possible.

Book review: Road To Success

Before we talk about the book, let me give a brief description about its author, Napolean Hill. He was born in a poor uneducated family. His step mother, who was an educated lady, traded a gun for a typewriter and taught him how to use it. He started writing wonderful articles and stories from the … Continue reading Book review: Road To Success

Book review: The Basics of Success

Whenever we talk about success, we always talk about some basic traits, some specific habits which are followed by those who taste success. Tim Connor in his book, The Basics of Success, attempts to do the same. He lists out some of the basics which he thinks are prerequisite to getting success. The book is a short … Continue reading Book review: The Basics of Success

Book review: Read and get rich

Read & get rich, penned by Burke Hedges, is a book that highlights what are the benefits that reading can bring in your life. According to the author, "When you read more books and read better books, then, just as night follows day, you will get richer in all areas of your life." Burke begins the book … Continue reading Book review: Read and get rich

When the world holds your hand

I always used to think that the world will automatically give me what I require. It will make me successful without my effort because of which I never thought of the question "HOW?" How the world will make me successful? And today, while reading a quote, I was forced to think of the question "WHY?" … Continue reading When the world holds your hand

2+2 is not 4

No, neither did you make mistake  in reading nor did I make mistake in writing. 2+2 is not always 4. Surprised?? You have been learning, using and teaching everyone the same thing since your childhood and today you suddenly read an article titled "2+2 is not 4", it would definitely not digest. Its nothing contradictory … Continue reading 2+2 is not 4