Wish-fulfilling Genie

So... you have a wish. And you want it to come to reality, right?? Aladdin also had some wishes, but he materialized them by using some extraordinary power named Genie, remember?? Right. I want you to know that you too have a Genie in your life... wanna guess?? its name starts with U_____, any guesses?? … Continue reading Wish-fulfilling Genie

Hidden Diamond Discovered

Well, I got this today that we can't predict where talent can be hidden. Really, its amazing to find some gems who are in the form of classmate with you. Yes, I'm talking about one of my classmate, Gurpreet Kaur, who wrote the following incredible creative article. Appreciate her by commenting. Here goes her article, … Continue reading Hidden Diamond Discovered

Do you face challenges? You are so lucky.

In our thought-process challenges are embedded as negative things which we should not face. If challenges are there, it means there is some problem. But some people have a different perception. As Edgar Allan Poe states, "Never to suffer would be like never to have been blessed." If you are facing challenges in you life, … Continue reading Do you face challenges? You are so lucky.

Purpose of life

Many a times we wonder and question ourselves "What is the purpose of my life?" or "Why am I here?" So here is my attempt to come closer to these questions' answer. To begin, let me take you to the ancient human society when early men existed on earth. They discovered that if we rub … Continue reading Purpose of life

Come first or come last, either way you have to work!

Is it possible to divorce before even getting married? If no, then how is it possible to relish the taste of success before even working hard to earn it? But before doing that "hardwork" we must know what it actually is. Because if everyone knows about hardwork, then why don't they do it? If you've … Continue reading Come first or come last, either way you have to work!

When you know more you come to know how much you know less

I went to an adventure camp organized by "I CAN DO IT" I was in Yellow Belt then and had been learning martial arts for about three months. The next morning came and it was time for some exercise (which was obviously optional). Me and some of the friends got ready for the exercise... and … Continue reading When you know more you come to know how much you know less

The wrong thought is right

I was thinking to write a post today, then suddenly a concept about "globalization" came into my mind.Relating to the ancient model of trade, I concluded that globalization, though might have eased the buying tradition but is the reason for a million problems in the world.Then on second thought, I questioned "What if my concept, … Continue reading The wrong thought is right

Discharge the battries n’ live the life to the fullest!

Well, I'm really tired but I can't resist to share this secret to the world. I was really frustrated, low on energy and was static... but a single event really changed all these negative symptoms to positive and that was attending my Martial arts class after a year. According to me, all the problems come … Continue reading Discharge the battries n’ live the life to the fullest!

What a Lizard taught me?

We never thought that a small creature like Lizard can teach us anything, but it did. I was in the corridor and suddenly a lizard fell down on the floor, it swiftly came to its comfortable position and with a blink of an eye... WOW!!! it was again on the wall. Such an amazing thing … Continue reading What a Lizard taught me?