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Wish-fulfilling Genie

Jon at the genie lamp

So… you have a wish. And you want it to come to reality, right??

Aladdin also had some wishes, but he materialized them by using some extraordinary power named Genie, remember??

Right. I want you to know that you too have a Genie in your life… wanna guess?? its name starts with U_____, any guesses??

Well, let me make it easier, its the Universe, of course.

So how to materialize your wishes using the Genie… here is what you have to do:

“If you have a wish, pray and wait for 1 month… if it’s not fulfilled, pray harder and you don’t have to wait for another (month).”

Manhardeep Singh Ahluwalia


Hidden Diamond Discovered

Well, I got this today that we can’t predict where talent can be hidden. Really, its amazing to find some gems who are in the form of classmate with you.

Yes, I’m talking about one of my classmate, Gurpreet Kaur, who wrote the following incredible creative article.

Appreciate her by commenting.

Here goes her article, Journey of Life.

Journey of Life

Over the years, I have discovered life is a journey, a pilgrimage, a sacred adventure. Life is an experience of both joy and turmoil. Only those people can live the happiest life, who can understand and see the nuances of life. There are only a few people who are incredibly disciplined in their lives.

Each of us from time to time experience crisis from different life changing events and transitions, all unpredictable moments arriving and intruding into our well-groomed lives. We don’t ask for this interference and we wonder why it has arrived bringing havoc and confusion.

There are three phases of life which every human being have to pass through. The stages are:

  1. Infant,
  2. Teenage / Youngster
  3. Old age

Often, people gauge that infant age is dynamic and best stage of our life. In this time, children get a lot of praise and applaud from their parents. Because of their innocent nature, they easily get along well with each other.

In the second stage, our innocent nature gets converted into mature one. We become gorgeous, delectable and attractive, theses all changes make us earnest and responsible. This is the golden period of our life. Because we get loads of opportunities to make our careers but it depends upon the person how he would grab it or use it.

Old age is too difficult period for those who took wrong decision in their second phase of life, because now they have to depend on their children for bread and butter.

All these stages are but slice of life. Celebrating, mourning or wrestling with a life passage is an extraordinary act. Slow down and be in touch with your feelings. Be kind and loving to yourself. Act from your spirit and heart and don’t forget to breath!

– Gurpreet Kaur


Do you face challenges? You are so lucky.

In our thought-process challenges are embedded as negative things which we should not face. If challenges are there, it means there is some problem. But some people have a different perception.

As Edgar Allan Poe states, “Never to suffer would be like never to have been blessed.”

If you are facing challenges in you life, you are really lucky, because a challenge is nothing but an opportunity to progress. If you overcome the challenge, you progress and if you don’t, still you progress by learning something from the failure.

So, challenges actually create a win-win situation for us.

If next time you face any challenge, say out loud, “Thank God for making me lucky.”



Purpose of life

Many a times we wonder and question ourselves “What is the purpose of my life?” or “Why am I here?”

So here is my attempt to come closer to these questions’ answer.

To begin, let me take you to the ancient human society when early men existed on earth. They discovered that if we rub two branches or twigs of the tree then fire will be produced. They also learnt that this fire produced helps in keeping away the dangerous animal predators of the forest from their dwelling.

Initially, they started to use this fire to keep themselves safe from being hunt down by any animal but as the time passed they understood that they can even cook the animals on this fire so that the pelt becomes tastier.

As the time advanced, they transferred their knowledge to the next generation and that generation experimented and found that they can heat special kind of mud to make bricks which can be used to make solid houses. And the human specie was able to live where ever they wanted to live.

The time passed and they shared their knowledge to the next generation. The next generation realized that in future there is going to be a vast amount of information. So they created a system so that some of the basic education can be given to young ones. They constructed a building where this process was to be done and they named the building as “SCHOOL”

Years passed and a young boy who always topped in his high school was removed from the school to be a farmer by his mother. Sitting sad under a tree he observed an apple falling from the tree. His high school teacher persuaded his mother to send him back to school so that he can complete his studies and when he finished his college he formulated his theory of gravitation after two decades and that young boy’s name was – Issac Newton

Newton's alleged signature can still be seen upon a library window at The King's School, Grantham.

Time advanced and so did the population and the complexity of relations. Observing the numerous characters and nature of humans a young man started to write plots and plays while working in a drama theater. Once his employer lost the script of the play to be enacted that night so he approached him and gave him his script. The script was wonderful and the audience gave a standing ovation and with time his words and work became known all over the world. And this man’s name was – William Shakespeare.

All these men passed their knowledge and understanding to the next generation as it happened to the young boy who was thirty:

He was very thirsty and was walking down a path where he saw a hand pump. The sun was at its peak and the atmosphere was completely dry. He swiftly approached the hand pump and pumped the handle vigorously but nothing came out.

He noticed a small pot filled quarterly with water. When he was going to drink that water he noticed a note written on it.

The note read:
“You can either drink it or pour it on the hand pump. Decide on your own risk.”

He stood there confused. And after a long battle of decision in his mind he decided to pour the water on the hand pump.

He poured the water and started to pump the handle. He pumped the first time and nothing came out. He pumped the second time and nothing came out. He pumped the third time and small drops of water started to drip out from the nozzle. And he started to pump more and more and the water started to flow. He drank water to his complete satisfaction and took bath and filled the pot again with water and changed the note written on it.

He wrote:

“Do not drink this water. Pour this water on the hand pump and water will definitely come.”

With this the young boy taught us the purpose of our lives:
To pass on our knowledge and understanding to the next generation.


Come first or come last, either way you have to work!

Is it possible to divorce before even getting married? If no, then how is it possible to relish the taste of success before even working hard to earn it?

But before doing that “hardwork” we must know what it actually is. Because if everyone knows about hardwork, then why don’t they do it?

If you’ve understood the meaning of what hardwork is, then you can proceed further, otherwise again go to the above link and read what is hardwork.

So if the fragile dripping water can make its mark on a tough stone then indeed hardwork can dig enough ground to provide you with the jewel of success.

But the question to ask yourself is: Is it possible to dig that ground without working hard?

Now, I’m going to go against your current thoughts and claim that – yes, it is possible that divorce can come before marriage and success can come before work. This is a big secret which is going to be revealed to you.

And the secret is that there is no such secret. You are provided with whatever you need at the right time on your journey without you knowing about it.

And the place where divorce comes before marriage and success comes before work is – Dictionary!

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When you know more you come to know how much you know less

I went to an adventure camp organized by “I CAN DO IT”

I was in Yellow Belt then and had been learning martial arts for about three months.

The next morning came and it was time for some exercise (which was obviously optional). Me and some of the friends got ready for the exercise… and I was like “I’m a martial artist and I can do anything” my god, what a thinking that was… the typical “I know all” thinking, which kills many.

And today, being black belt, training a lot of students, I realize how much less I know.

Of course, you too might have experienced the same thing in your profession, work place or in personal life.

So to conclude, remember:

“When you know more you come to know how much you know less.”


The wrong thought is right

I was thinking to write a post today, then suddenly a concept about “globalization” came into my mind.

Relating to the ancient model of trade, I concluded that globalization, though might have eased the buying tradition but is the reason for a million problems in the world.

Then on second thought, I questioned “What if my concept, my thoughts about globalization are wrong?” then I decided to not publicise the article.

And what I learnt from this internal contradictory experience is that – we may have wrong thoughts running in our head (which everyone does) and these wrong thoughts are actually right to have.

Really, its good to have wrong those wrong thoughts in your mind. Don’t try to push them, because when you push, you pull. It’s okay to have them.

And surprisingly, this article may be one of those wrong thoughts of mine.

Articles No Bullshit, only Quotes

Discharge the battries n’ live the life to the fullest!

Well, I’m really tired but I can’t resist to share this secret to the world.

I was really frustrated, low on energy and was static… but a single event really changed all these negative symptoms to positive and that was attending my Martial arts class after a year.

According to me, all the problems come when our energy gets stuck, when the flow of energy in the body gets blocked.

It is a fact that a rechargeable battery’s life prolongs when it is charged only after its whole power is discharged.

Same goes with us, we are too like that rechargeable batteries, but we don’t need power to charge up, instead we require energy. Do you experience excitement and flow of energy after listening to a motivational speaker? That’s because he has transferred his energy to the audience. Have you experienced joy after sharing something with someone (even a stranger)? That’s because there is flow of energy. Flow of energy gives an elevated experience which can’t be explained in words… and that’s what you can experience in a Reiki session too.

But to live our life to the fullest, we should be ready to discharge our batteries completely and allow free flow of energy.

(Only for men) If you feel that you are frustrated, depressed, struck in the same position or that life can’t be better any more or any other such negative experience, just go out for an aggressive/ vigorous activity. Go for Martial arts class, go to gym, or any adventure, what ever it is it should be physically challenging (Consult your physician before going for any such physical activity) and you’ll definitely feel better.

To conclude, remember: “Discharge your batteries and live the life to the fullest.”


What a Lizard taught me?

We never thought that a small creature like Lizard can teach us anything, but it did.

I was in the corridor and suddenly a lizard fell down on the floor, it swiftly came to its comfortable position and with a blink of an eye… WOW!!! it was again on the wall. Such an amazing thing it taught by doing all this.

It taught us that every creature is given some special ability just like Lizard can stick to walls, birds can fly, fishes can swim fast, humans can think… and even though we are given these special abilities still no one is perfect. Though we use our special ability (i.e. to think) everyday but don’t think that you won’t fall… and when you fall, don’t worry… its ok! Just dust yourself off, come to your normal condition and go to the same position again.

The same principle is followed in airlines too. A pilot who meets with an (plane) accident is positioned to fly as soon as possible because if they won’t, then that fear of fall (accident) will eat up his confidence.

You too might have experienced the same feeling, if you have met with an accident. We become normal only after driving the vehicle 2-3 days. Till then we are very cautious about driving, isn’t it?

I still remember when I used to fall while learning to cycle, my dad used to say, “It’s ok… stand up, sit on the seat and drive up faster.” Yup, the speed acted as a catalyst.

When I used to drown while learning swimming, my trainer used to say, “It’s ok… stand up, come to normal position and do it again.” And it worked.

When a move/ action didn’t happen during my martial arts class and I fell, my trainer used to say, “It’s ok… stand up, dust yourself off and try again.” And it worked.

Ups and downs are part of the life. We need to learn to dust ourselves off and get ready to race again.

So what will you do when the next time you fall? Simple, think of a Lizard.