Are you homeless? Does your Soul has a Home?

How do you feel when you see homeless people on the street? Many of us feel disgusted when we look at them and others do not even acknowledge their existence as if they’re worthless and irrelevant. Some of us even consider them as being nothing but drunks and junkies. We all have different ways of interpreting the lives of these people, but in the end, we all believe that they are less fortunate than ourselves.

Battling Romance Myths

Battling Romance Myths: The institution of marriage is surrounded by a number of myths, stories and advice freely offered by people on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, many people listen to and believe these pieces of so-called wisdom to the point where it doesn’t help their marriage and it only hinders its growth. 

Mark Your “New” Beginnings By Making Memories

Mark Your “New” Beginnings By Making Memories: As you and your partner begin exploring your romantic sides and you are both providing new and creative ways in which to express your love for one another, you may find that you want to do what you can to hold on to as many of these memories as possible.

When you push, you pull

We never know, but its true that when we push, we actually pull. Mother Teresa understood this phenomenon very well, that is why she said "I don't want to be a part of any anti-corruption, anti-terrorist rally but if there would be any peace rally, I would love be the first person to lead." When … Continue reading When you push, you pull