Handling the situation: Winning and Losing

Every game ends by declaring a winner (and obviously a loser) but these tags should not be taken to heart. So the question which needs to be answered is: How should you behave after winning (or losing) a game? And the answer to this important question is already written in a well known quote which … Continue reading Handling the situation: Winning and Losing

T for TEAM; T for TRUST

Oxford dictionary defines team as "Two or more people working together". Well, that is the meaning of JUST a team. Let's find out the true meaning of A TEAM: When I was studying in high school, I used to learn martial arts in the evening. In martial arts, there is something called JUDO, amazing techniques … Continue reading T for TEAM; T for TRUST

When we underestimate ourselves

Look into mirror and say ", I am the best". Look into your eyes in the mirror while you say this. Initially, you may find it difficult to do but with the passage of time you will be able to feel the word BEST in your every cell of the body and you will perform … Continue reading When we underestimate ourselves

Even experts do mistake!

As I was surfing some videos on YouTube I came across a very funny video but with a message. If next time you find yourself doing a mistake - don't worry! even experts do mistake! Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKFqR5r9M4E&feature=share The messages we get are: 1.) Experts also do mistakes, so do not worry if … Continue reading Even experts do mistake!

When you know more you come to know how much you know less

I went to an adventure camp organized by "I CAN DO IT" I was in Yellow Belt then and had been learning martial arts for about three months. The next morning came and it was time for some exercise (which was obviously optional). Me and some of the friends got ready for the exercise... and … Continue reading When you know more you come to know how much you know less