Self Mastery and Philosophies

Philosophers have brought some major conflicting issues, which circle around particular religious and philosophical sects. Some of the religious members believe that humans body and mind is essentially dual in nature, which includes the physical, mental, and spiritual nature. This is disregarded by many since there are not any concrete proofs to back such allegations.


The wrong thought is right

I was thinking to write a post today, then suddenly a concept about “globalization” came into my mind. Relating to the ancient model of trade, I concluded that globalization, though might have eased the buying tradition but is the reason for a million problems in the world. Then on second thought, I questioned “What if […]

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Getting the best out of life

“How can we get the best out of the life?” my mind questioned my brain at 05:30 And now my brain replied my mind at 21:30 (approx. after 16 hrs of arduous research) Here is how the conversation went: Brain: “What cow gives us?” Mind: “aaaaaaaa….. (Can you (the reader) answer this question?)” (If you […]