Saurabh Sharma – “Bitter Truth”

Do you know What Really hurts me? Is that, WE ALL (LOVERS/SOCIETY/PARENTS/EVERYONE) Think we are Fine. we think we are All right, ‘n we are Really Happy. It Really Hurts because Nothing Is All right. Because despite of everything we think can make us forget our true nature, We cannot get over the innate humane … Continue reading Saurabh Sharma – “Bitter Truth”

Why rich can’t be rich any more

Contrary to my previous post "The insight of the rich system" here I'm explaining why rich can't be rich any more. Why I choose to go against my last post is because we might have heard many rags to riches stories, but there too exist riches to rags stories unread, unexplored and unsaid. So here … Continue reading Why rich can’t be rich any more

The insight of the rich system

The Secret says because of the law of attraction the rich gets richer and the poor, poorer. And it is true too. Let's see the insight of the same: Rich do not become rich over-night. They build up a system that earns them the money. A common trait which can be used to differentiate between … Continue reading The insight of the rich system