Hooks To Hits: The Key to Writing Songs That Sell

The main ingredient that distinguishes a perfectly respectable "album cut" from a hit song is the presence of a killer hook. But if they were so easy to create, we'd all be millionaires! How can you enhance the impact of your songs' hooks to appeal to both audiences and the People Behind Desks? Read on!

Graphology: Do these sisters bully their brother?

Manhardeep Singh

Today we’ll look into the lives of three siblings – two elder sisters and a younger brother. It is said a child’s mind is like a wet cement, whatever falls on it leaves animpression.Every psychologist understands the impact of childhood experiences on one’s behavior and adulthood. So one question that pops up in mind is – do these sisters bully their brother?

Let’s get into the insights of their handwriting before answering the question.

Here is the sample of the eldest sister:

Eldest sister handwriting

Looks pretty neat, isn’t it?

Let’s take a look at her younger sister’s handwriting:

Younger sister's handwritingThis looks quite roundish compared to the angular handwriting of eldest sister. Her handwriting is neat too. Do you find anything strange?

Let’s look at the youngest brother’s handwriting and see what we can find:

Youngest brother's handwriting

While he is too young to have a concrete set of values and beliefs but still his…

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