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A serious issue I want to raise

Friends, this time I’m serious.I’m writing this article only to communicate my message to you, specifically to YOU, who is reading this.

I was thinking about some of my past’s bitter experiences with my book “The Guideline of Life”

There is a saying, “Child is the father of man.” is it true? I question because of what I experienced.

I read in my Hindi language class in childhood that a child can do things which a man can’t. For instance, a child can be forgiven if he wears the crown of a King while a man wouldn’t even dare to think about this in his thoughts.

I’ve heard from many persons while promoting my book, “How can an 18 years old write a book?” This statement actually made me doubt myself.

Yesterday, I was reading some Bios of the authors at Frog Books website and I learnt about a 7 year old, a 16 year old and a 19 year old author.

I was amazed to see that none belonged to Punjab. Does Punjab lacks talent? Of course not.

Then why do we experience things like, “You are too young for it, you are too old for it”?

Do you think these type of discouragements increases our rate of growth? I don’t want to answer this, you all are very matured.

I want to know your thoughts about this issue of discouraging young talent.

If you won’t speak today, you won’t speak ever. Get up for your rights.

Hope you won’t experience the resistance which all the young talent is experiencing.


In the same context, I want to share with you a small story:

Once a jungle caught fire, all the animals ran out of the forest to save their lives. But one small bird was going to a near by pond, collecting a little amount of water in her tiny beak and was pouring on the blazing trees.

Another bird, who was running for her life asked her, “You are a stupid bird, do you think this small amount of water will stop the fire? Why don’t you run and save your life?”

And the bird replied, “I’m doing this because when the history of this jungle will be written, that time my name will not be written among those who ran but those who dared to stop the fire.”


This time too a history is being written, where do you want your name to be? Among those who made a difference or….?? Actions speak louder than words.

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