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I have paid the price

I originally wrote this article on 21st May, 2010 and sent this to only those who are very close to me. First time, this article is being displayed publicly. It took almost 10 months for this article to be displayed publicly, so you can estimate, what’s the potential of this article.

(NOTE: Read at your own risk, because the article may make you to wake up and start doing what you should be doing)

Here’s the article:

Still people call us “LUCKY”.

Well… all I want to say is: take a look behind the screen and you will come to know the price we PAY…

I dare to pay the price… DO YOU DARE TO??

Before my Black belt test, a nail went half way into my feet and I was unable to walk properly for the next 2 days, still I walked…. that’s the price I paid.

My knee got injured badly during fighting practice, which required 1 week’s rest but still I came for the training after a day… that’s the price I paid.

During my 1st book publication, the publisher wanted me to release it as soon as possible, but I couldn’t because I was in Orissa competing with other states of India… still managed to release the book in such hectic and tensed situation… that’s the price I paid.

When I started my consultation business… many people said you are too young, and there were times when I had to attend such trainings which were away from my hometown and I didn’t sleep for 2 days… but still managed to run it to a whole new level… that’s the price I paid.

When I was made the SPL of the school, My friends said that I’m the servant of teachers now… Listened to them, but still managed to gain the experience and bagged the SPL trophy… that’s the price I paid.

People said the worst student of SHS – Manhardeep can never even improve, how can you imagine him to be the best?? … Worked hard day and night, mingled with the best people even when they ignored me, hated me… and managed to become the best, grabbing the Best outgoing student of SHS… that’s the price I paid.

There were times when my power and authority was misused and when I required my friends, there was none… still managed to stand alone to face the challanges… that’s the price I paid.

The list can go endlessly… but what the point is: “There is nothing like being Lucky, you need to see behind the screen and see what the price we pay.”

And “If you want to tell about your failures and your weaknesses proudly, be successful…”

Even still I keep paying the price… because I have the guts to do whatever it takes… for I know only one taste and that is the taste of SUCCESS… See you at the TOP!!

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