Art of Living

I had a preserved word file titled “Art of Living” I don’t know from which source did I actually get this. Never mind. Let’s enjoy reading. There you go:

Art of Living

Appreciate good art and deed,

The doer will feel encouraged, indeed.


Be tightly busy but timely relax,

That fears and worries may not tax.


Difficulties, failures are stepping stones,

For gaining ascent to the higher zones.


Five great enemies we must heed,

Wine, Anger, Vanity, Lust and Greed.


He who does not wear a smile,

Is quite ignorant of living style.


Intoxicants of every kind,

Ruin the body, brain and mind.


Joys, if shared, are better enjoyed,

Sorrows divided, get destroyed.


Knowledge and habits, earlier gained,

Need to be checked, on merit retained.


None can harm you,

This truth is know to person a few.


 Organs which you do not use,

Sooner or later, you will lose.


Right thing at right time and place,

Crowned with success, joy and grace.


Set your mind on positive thoughts,

Avoid resolutely, the negative lots.


To maintain health, all doctors advice,

Good diet, fresh air, sound sleep and exercise.


Unless body and mind are sound,

Real happiness can never be found.


World peace is universally sought,

Only by Altruism it can be brought.


Youth is not only matter of years,

But of attitude blooming with cheers.


Zeal is a powerful activating force,

Better utilized for a virtuous course.


Give up superstitious all,

It is modern time’s call.


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