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I learnt what you didn’t

Reading my books people say something like “You have copied stuff from somewhere else. How being just 19, you can know so much? I don’t believe. There is something fishy.” Yes, there is something fishy and to explain it I am writing this post.

The fishy thing behind everything is that “I learnt what you didn’t”

Still didn’t get it? No problem, let me explain it a bit.

I am black belt in martial arts. When I was a junior (any belt below brown belt) I always wished my senior (some were even younger to me in age.) and I saw myself improving more than the improvement in other students. And I learned that “Respecting experience, not age, can give you knowledge” This is what you didn’t learn.

Once I was in my martial arts class, and the trainer told me to do “Air dive” (its basically that you run and make a jump, do a flip in air and then land on your feet again) I tried the very first time (yes, on mats) and I fell on my back (and the breath stopped for a few seconds). The trainer told “No problem, again.” I went back and tried again and I fell. The whole day went like the same. I tried the next day and everything seemed the same. “I quit”, I said and the trainer told, “No, you will not go home till you do an air dive” and in the next trial – BINGO! I did it. I learnt “When you take a firm decision, where there is no looking back, you get what you decide.” This is what you didn’t learn.

From the same experience, I learnt “A consistent effort WILL change failure into success” in simple words, “Try… try… try… until you succeed.” This is what you didn’t learn.

When I became SPL of the school, I was given various funny names and was also commented upon even by my own classmates. And I learnt “When you grow, people around you pull you down.” and understood “If you are not feeling resistance, it means you are on the wrong path.” This is what you didn’t learn.

I observed in my class that there were broadly two groups: frontbenchers and backbenchers. The frontbenches shared the same attributes and the same goes to the backbenches (I don’t need to explain this). I learnt “You will get what people you are associating with get” That is what you didn’t learn.

My 9th grade was a turning point, when I first time got a chance to be among the toppers of the batch. I sat and associated with people who were better than me. And soon I became equal to them. I learnt “It hardly matters where you are today or were tomorrow, if you want to grow, choose a better association than who you are and you will improve” That is what you didn’t learn.

After I finished the manuscript of my first book “The Guideline of Life” The pamphlet of the competition where it was intended to go was lost. I didn’t take as a loss but as a lesson. If my book would have gone in the competition and got rejected then I would have never showed this to anyone. After the pamphlet was lost, the book didn’t go for any competition and was self-published by me. I leant “Whatever happens, accept it, because it happens for the good.” This is what you didn’t learn.

After reading the sample chapters of my first book “The Guideline of Life” few people even responded negative to me. While some said that they came across something which they feel they should have learnt much time ago. I learnt “You will always be criticized, no matter what. So just enjoy the positive comments, you are not here to satisfy everyone on this world.” This is what you didn’t learn.

When I was made the SPL of the school, I didn’t know a thing about what that mean. All I knew was that I was ready to learn. I kept every time with the teacher and learnt every little bit of the work. And at the end of the year, I knew almost everything an SPL should know. I learnt “When you do a new thing, its natural that you do not know anything about it. But if you work on it, you can become the best in that.” This is what you didn’t learn.

When I addressed the students various times everyday, I did a lot of mistakes and the teachers were always there to show me my mistakes. And I never took them negatively when ever they showed me my mistake. I learnt “You do not need to be perfect. It’s okay to do a mistake, but only once.” This is what you didn’t learn.

These were just some countable incidents that taught me things which you didn’t learn. Using them, I craft my book.

At the end, all I can say is: “I am not a writer, but just the pen of God.”


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