Understanding dedication and devotion

As I woke up late being a weekend I realized that I have to go to my martial arts class. I love to be the part of the class. I do not know why but I feel energetic when I attend the class, that is why I do not miss even a single class adjusting the timings in my tight schedule. It would not be wrong to say that martial arts is one of my passions which I never get bore with.

So as I woke up at 9:45 AM, I realized that I may be late for the class. I hopped out of the bed swiftly and went straight away to the bathroom to have shower and run for the class. But as I turned the knob there came ice cold water. DAMN!! now what’s that! I wondered.

But I am dedicated and devoted toward my passion whether its martial arts or any other activity for which I am passionate. I took bath with cold water (that too in winter season). I came out, wore the clothes, started the bike and rushed to the class. Well, you need to make sacrifice and sometimes bear tough situations if you need to follow your dreams and passions, that is what I did today.

So what I learnt is that when you are ready to follow your dreams and passions, definitely you will encounter challenges and will face problems but you need to look at the prize and not the hurdles, then success will always be yours!


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