Handwriting analysis: Barack Hussein Obama II

Today we’ll analyze the handwriting of Barack Hussein Obama II.

Barack Hussein Obama II  is the 44th and current President of the United States, the first African American to hold the office.

Here is his handwriting samples:

Barack Obama’s handwriting reveals many of his personality traits that has helped him reach at great heights where he is right now. To begin with, lets talk about his conversational skills. Obama is a perfect conversationalist, he can transition from one topic to another very smoothly. He can turn a friend out of an enemy.

Obama trusts people blindly, whenever he trusts. But most of the times, he tries to do his work alone, without depending upon anyone else. He is open-minded to different ideas and always has a bunch of ideas in his pockets.

He has a high ego in himself. He is an intellectual person and also loves to read. A little bit stubborn with average self-esteem. He is a quick thinker and a quick decision maker. He is a bold and frank person. A person with high determination.

There are three things that weakens his personality and they are:

1. Low self-esteem

2. Sensitivity to criticism

3. Overly cautious behavior

One thing that makes him a go get-er is his persistence… He has a strong will power and doesn’t quit easily. He stops at doing something  only when he meets his goal.

Here is a summary of the traits found in the handwriting sample:

1. High Ego

2. Loner

3. Average self-esteem

4. Investigative thinker

5. Perfect Conversationalist

6. Cautious

7. Optimist

8. Persistent

9. High determination

10. Bold and frank

11. Independent thinking

12. Sensitive to criticism



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