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Book review: The Success Factor by John Leach

“The Success Factor” authored by John Leach is an awe-inspiring book that reveals to you various set of qualities that Mr. Leach call as The Success Factor. According to him, “Success is really all down to your mindset, as this will control your actions and your dealings with others.”

The book is written in an easy-to-understand language for readers of all age and language proficiency. The author has successfully divided his so-called “THE SUCCESS FACTOR” into ten steps each of which has further ten subheadings. The fact that everything is to the point and no topic is stretched for too long, making it seem a dull and boring read, makes the journey with the Mr. Leach a worthwhile. Furthermore, defining his set of qualities into an easy to grasp process starting from Defining the vision to Going the extra mile assists the reader to apprehend the context without much effort. Apart from these, the usage of various quotations and references of other prominent philosophers helps the book to stand out from the rest.

On the other hand, there are times when you lose interest as the points re-appear bringing about the same meaning. Besides this, a non-fiction book with 200+ pages could be a hard read to digest for someone who has just started reading PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) books.

Overall, the book provides decent messages through its every page and aids the reader to Master the secret of a winning mindset.



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