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Book review: Read and get rich

Read & get rich, penned by Burke Hedges, is a book that highlights what are the benefits that reading can bring in your life. According to the author, “When you read more books and read better books, then, just as night follows day, you will get richer in all areas of your life.”

Burke begins the book by introducing the reader to some of the prominent figures whose lives have taken a 180 degree turn after reading “personal growth books”.  These people include W. Clement Stone, multi-millionaire businessman and best-selling author; J.W.Marriott, president of Marriott HotelsArchie Moore, the former light-heavyweight boxing champion, and many others like Les BrownOprah Winfrey and so on goes the list.

Mr. Hedges keeps pressing on the point in almost every chapter that if you don’t read books then you have no advantage over those who can’t read books. And I believe this single statement is the gist of the book. But don’t worry, I’m not taking away the exciting part: 10 Writings That Rocked the World! I personally have loved this chapter the most and have included the listed writings into my “to-read” list.

This little 132 pages book provides you with statistics reading which you will be taken aback. Mr. Hedges emphasizes that if you read 15 minutes a day (which, I believe, can be taken out by everyone from their busy schedule) you would read a dozen books a year! (A survey mentioned in the book highlights that almost half the Americans read one book in ten years! Well, if you read 15 minutes a day it turns out to be quite beneficial, I guess!)

Overall, it is a book which should be read by everyone of every age. If you need motivation to start reading then this book is the one you should pick. The author ends the book with following words:

I chose to board the reading bus years ago.
And there’s a lot of great company on board.
I just wish there were not so many empty seats…


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