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Book review: The 5 pillars of leadership

Every leader has options and choices. While some leaders hesitate to take a firm decision towards which path to follow, it is the effective leaders that not only take these important decisions but also bridges the leadership gap between them and their team. In successfully defining what steps these effective leaders follow, Paul J. Meyer along with Randy Slechta, try to quote 5 steps that they believe help in bridging the leadership gap. According to them, these five steps constitute The 5 pillars of Leadership.

According to the authors, no one can be truly successful without crystallized thinking (leadership pillar #1) and a concise plan for achievement (leadership pillar #2). But one should not depend solely on these two pillars because without inculcating the remaining leadership pillars, the leadership bridge is bound to fall.

The authors have explained each leadership pillar with a great detail. The book not only focuses on leadership alone but also gives glimpses of how one can improve one’s life. The brief introduction to the wheel of life and the six areas one should try to balance to assure prosperity and happiness in life proves to be very insightful.

Overall, The 5 pillars of leadership is an advanced read and should be read by people who have trouble getting the maximum output from their team members as well as those who want to understand the concept of leadership more thoroughly.


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