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Book review: The 10 minute coach

If you think it is time for you to take your life to the NEXT LEVEL, then it is the right time to pickup Dan Lier’s book “The 10 Minute Coach”, the book that gives daily strategies for life success.

 According to Dan, “You can never earn $250,000 with $100,000 belief system.” So the foremost thing to do is to believe in the next level, believe in having room for improvement. The book is written in tiny, crisp chapters which help the reader to retain interest. The book covers broadly the following four areas:

1. Career and life
2. Selling
3. Parenthood
4. Relationships

Dan has done complete justification to each of these aspects of life through each of his chapters.

The plus points of the book are its crisp sized chapters, proper organization of chapters and small size of the book.

According to the author, “Failure doesn’t mean you’re a loser, or you’re an under achiever. Failure is simply a word attached to the results you achieved when those results weren’t the results you were shooting for.” A simple yet deep thought.

Overall, the book should be read by anyone who wants to take his/her life to the next level. A good book to have on your book shelf.


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