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Not so winged! – Review of “Wings of Fire” by Arun Tiwari

This book was recommended to me by a senior professor of a very reputed university. I bet he himself has not read it, ’cause if he would have, then he wouldn’t have recommended it. This is one of those books that sail in the bestsellers because of such recommendations. I wonder how this book even made to best sellers list or at least so popular? This book clearly defines that still people judge the book by its cover.

So coming to the review, I was very much disappointed with the contents of the book. It didn’t meet my expectations at all. I literally skimmed through the last pages just to take a breath of relief of having finished it.

To the author: As a reader, we are interested to know about Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and not what payload is required to make a hovercraft. There were times I almost felt I’m reading a DIY for ‘how to make your first hovercraft’ and not an autho-biography.

To the readers: If you are in search for inspiration, this is not the book.

I gave  stars to this book.


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