Why You should Date a Liar – #HandwritingSpeaks


Until recently, I have been stressing on the point of not dating a liar. Well, my perspective was totally changed by this gentleman who sent me his handwriting sample on Fiverr. What made me more curious about him was his way of asking me to guess his profession.

Now, to be honest, profession is one such thing that a graphologist can’t pin-point; but the traits the person might be using in his trade can be judged.

So I went on to describing his personality traits. Some particular traits caught my eye. So I went like this:

You are not only a master conversationalist but also a master manipulator. You know how to manipulate and lie. Coming back to the occupation: You do something which involves high degree of intellect, perfection and precise choosing of words and a pinch of manipulation. This makes me think, you might be into politics, is it so?

The other guesses I made were that of being a scientist or into teaching profession (since he was an intellectual person and a good orator).

When I sent him the analysis, he was more than happy and told me that he used his intellect to make correct analysis of investment portfolios and invested profitably. He went on to reveal that he loved gambling (remember the manipulator trait?). He gambled and made a fortune from it.

I still stand my ground that the person with a manipulator trait is the worst to date, undoubtedly, but this man confessed that he never used his manipulation against his partner but needed this trait to carry out his gambling businesses successfully.

So, before you see the sign of manipulation in a person’s handwriting, do consider the profession he is working in. Other professions that may need manipulation trait is that of a lawyer, politician etc.

Don’t know how what handwriting stroke reveals that a person is a manipulator? Not to worry, get the e-book “Finding Love Through Graphology “( to learn the manipulator trait and various other significant handwriting strokes.



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