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Achievement – What is it?

Rhee Tae Kwon-Do 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dan black belts

I was traveling in a bus – towards Ludhiana. I was thinking random thoughts when suddenly some thing from the past came in front of my eyes, and I saw a completely different image of ACHIEVEMENT, which I never thought in my mind.

I remembered: When I first time gave my Martial Arts test. After the finishing of the test, we were asked to give our White Belts to our master. We all gave our belts and as I remember, I hugged my Martial arts partner Raghav Gupta. This never happened again but after we gave Black Belt test.

My mind was trying to figure out, why didn’t the same feeling came when we gave other belts tests (i.e. Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown)

Then I thought a bit academically, and I learnt that the same feelings arose when I got promoted to the next class. But the feeling stopped after completing my tenth grade.

I was literally confused about why that feeling came and at which situation. I thought a lot, and after a long while the answer automatically came to my mind.

My mind said, “Yes, it has something concerned to Achievement.” Ok, so the elevated feeling comes when we achieve something. “But what are its exceptions??”, came the next question from me. Because I didn’t get that feeling after my tenth grade as well as the intermediate belts between white and black belt.

And finally, I got the answer.

We get that elevated feeling only when we do something which our mind feels like we can’t do it.

Frankly speaking, during my White Belt test, I had no confidence that I would pass, but I topped. So I did something which my mind thought I couldn’t. After that my mind had confidence to clear all the other tests. But when it came to Black Belt (as its a lifetime milestone), the mind didn’t believe… and when we gave the test, I still remember, it was 20:18 when we came downstairs from the hall and the masters told us to run for ten minutes. And we all Black Belts were feeling like we have achieved the greatest thing in the world.

Again, before my tenth grade I was not a topper, so my mind always doubted the result. But after I became a topper, I realized that its a piece of cake to top. All you have to do is put in sincere efforts.

So we can say:

“Achievement is to do something which your mind says you can’t.”

Manhardeep Singh Ahluwalia

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