HARDWORK! If everyone knows it, why don’t they do it?

A carpenter at the TVA's new Douglas dam on th...

Everyone knows and says “Hardwork is the key to success.” isn’t it? You probably might have heard it from your parents, teachers, friends and obviously from your mind.

If really hardwork is the key to success, then why only a small percentage of people in this world are successful?

Is the statement “Hardwork is the key to success” wrong? No, not at all.

Then where lies the problem? It lies in interpreting the statement.

What is Hardwork?

Hardwork is not to do vigorous physical work.

Hardwork is not to struggle.

Hardwork is not to eat an elephant in one day.

Then what is hardwork?

Hardwork, in simplest form, is doing a task consistently and persistently.

Hardwork is not struggle but progress dressed in the robe of struggle.

Hardwork is to have a bite of the giant elephant everyday.

Hardwork is to turn your white clothes brown from daily sweat and dirt.

So now you know what is Hardwork.

Will you be successful? The question is inappropriate, the better question which can be asked is:

Are you doing hardwork?

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