Mind is better Google than Google itself


Of course, mind can hide as well as unveil the things you want to see or hide.

Eugene Taurman experienced this and said, “What you see depends on what you thought before you looked.” So true.

A classic example proving this can be:

When you come home from your workplace/school/college and you are tired, all you want to see is your bed. And suddenly when you enter the home, your mom asks you, “Beta, could you please get me the sugar bowl, It may be lying in the front left shelf of the kitchen.”

You deny saying, “I won’t be able to find it.” But she forces you and you go to the kitchen with tepid steps and come back to your mom and say, “See I told you na I won’t be able to find the bowl.”

Your mom tells you to go and check again. You go once more and reply the same to your mom once more.

Your mom frowns at you, holds you from your wrist and drags you into the kitchen. She points her finger towards the first left shelf and BHOOSH!! The sugar bowl appears.

And your mind says, “It was not here when I looked at this place.”

Remember what you said before looking “I won’t be able to find it” that’s right.

So you certainly saw what you thought before looking.

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