Saurabh Sharma

Saurabh Sharma – “Bitter Truth”

Do you know What Really hurts me?

Is that,


we think we are All right,

‘n we are Really Happy.

It Really Hurts because Nothing Is All right.

Because despite of everything we think can make us forget our true nature,
We cannot get over the innate humane expression:LOVE

Yes,we are fighting against our very own true nature.
We Wanna Live,

We wanna Be Happy.


We are scared of love so much,

That we Just CAN’T do what is right.

Yes,we Know,

That each day glittering golds make us believe that everything is okay.


‘someday’ is Not ‘Now’.

Now Everyone is yearning for love.
‘n everyone wants to go far in love.

‘but love is beyond reasons and logic,
and that’s why we are scared of love.

We all Look At each other ‘n Think That we are okay
It Hurts, That we Don’t see beyond illusions,
We don’t listen what words cannot express !!

How is it inside of us. Inside we are Dying.

Contributed by:

Saurabh Sharma

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