Action > Fruit

I called up my friend, Gourav Singla, to know what was done in the class as I was absent because of heavy rain. And this is what he said, “Thank you Manhar, my speech was the best, which you helped me to write.” And I was like, “Really? (Not surprised for being the best but that I helped him) I don’t remember helping you out.”

Its amazing to hear “Thank you for helping me out” from someone.

I’ve been helping people around- counseling them, guiding them, motivating them, encouraging and uplifting them when they are down, all without expecting anything from them. That is why I believe, I relish these type of experiences very often.

The point I want to stress upon is… Do good deeds and you’ll reap good seeds, which when invested with hardwork and patience can create wonders.

So remember: Action > Fruit

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