Yes, you need a mentor. But why?

So I’m going for a quick flashback and remember the first day of my swimming class. I knew that I have learnt swimming, all that lacked was the practice part.

I always thought that I don’t need a mentor, but now I feel that everyone does, no matter who you are or become.

So I went for my first swim after 2 years and guess what I was not able to make it up to the opposite side. I had to stop in between to take breath and then a voice came “Manhar… come on… move”. To say the truth, I wasn’t able to reach the opposite side that day 😦

But yes, the words of the mentor “Manhar… come on… move” still knock in my head today whenever my head is inside the water. And I believe because of these words “come on”, “move” I’m able to swim like a pro and reach the opposite side of the pool within no time.

So why do we need a mentor?

To understand this we have to accept the fact that we believe what others say to us about ourselves. If someone says “You look horrible today” how much cautious we remain the whole day. And that same day, if someone says “You look great” we tend to accept his words.

So the work of a mentor is to say what we want to hear or rather what we should hear so that we can move on.

So to move on… choose your mentor… WISELY!!

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