Handwriting analysis: George Washington

Today we are going to discuss about what does the handwriting of George Washington, 1st US president, tells about him.

Here are his handwriting samples:

George Washington is a very emotional and expressive person. He tends to take decisions from heart rather than head, because of which he is able to have high levels of empathy and can understand how to get anyone to his side. He is also diplomatic by nature.

He is intelligent and demands respect wherever he goes. He  is open to ideas and has many ideas in his mind. He is a perfectionist and plans each day’s task in advance. His day’s tasks do not clash with each other which makes his working very organized and neat. But, as every coin as two sides, so does his nature. If something unexpected comes into the day, he gets very anxious and confused.

He takes decisions only after getting all the facts clear. He is enthusiastic for his work and likes to do his work alone, independently. He doesn’t like to depend upon others for his work.

He has a keen desire for culture such as travel, adventure, music and fine food. He doesn’t like getting criticized and may never attempt to do something for which he may be criticized. He is nice and generous to people, which adds up to his likability by the people.

He is able to follow and change conversations very smoothly. His this ability proves him to be a good conversationalist and speaker (and often writer, if he tends to write).

Here is his another handwriting sample:

His this handwriting analysis reveals much more details about his personality. Though he is a perfectionist but he has a trait of being pessimist as well. He tends to turn towards the shadow while the sun is on the rise. He has a healthy ego, and tends to be very witty in his conversations. He likes to talk and talk and talk. But when it comes to listening, he wants people to be “to-the-point”. Show him the facts, because that is what he needs to make the decisions on.

George Washington’s diplomacy, wittiness and emotional empathy all adds up to his likability and being among the favorite persons of the nation.


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