Graphology: The pathological liar

I was at my examination center the last weekend for taking my language test when I came across a very strange and unusual thing. Yes, I admit I have met a lot of liars but this one is pretty unusual, because this time I met a pathological liar and I did not recognize it until I got her signature on my identity card.

The pathological liarYes, she was one of the invigilators in the examination center. Before we move on let me explain what a pathological liar is. It is a person that frequently tells lies or makes up situations and eventually starts thinking that his/her lies are actually the truth. Psychiatrists call this state of mind Pseudologia fantastica (Sounds fantastic! right?). According to Wikipedia, Pathological lying is considered a mental illness, because it takes over rational judgment and progresses into the fantasy world and back.

Well, reading the above mentioned statement you might have leaned over to read the seriousness of this illness. This condition not only hinders a person’s mental capacity to understand the real situations but also becomes the main cause of many broken relationships and misunderstandings with other people. But we need to understand it is not the fault of the person, it is just his/her mental state. It is all subconsciously triggered.

How do you find a pathological liar?

A pathological liar is someone who has BIIIIIIGGGGGGG left and right loops in his/her o’s and a’s. A word of caution: do not consider all the people having two loops in their o’s to be liars. There are various factors to be considered before making the final judgement.

How can you help?

Well, it is obvious that it is a mental illness so either consult a psychiatrist or a graphologist who can guide the person with proper corrective actions. If you find such person do help him/her get out of this situation.

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