Graphology: Will you risk hurting her?

There is a saying which goes like women and elephants never forget an injury. To what extent is it true is hard to tell, but graphology can individually answer if a person is capable of forgiving others. I received this handwriting sample from a female who was not able to attend my motivational seminar but was impressed by how her friends (who attended it) described their experience.

Will you hurt her?This little sample, though a little blurry, revealed many of her personality traits. But what set her apart from the rest? It was her personality to sense everything to the extreme. Well, that’s right! You might have seen resilient people who after losing a member of their family are able to bounce back to their normal state of mind within a few days; while on the other hand, you might have come across people who would cry over for weeks or months (or sometimes even years!) for some petty disappointment such as not getting the ticket to watch their favorite actor’s movie.

And the problem is not just that. These are very sensitive people. As this trait has its pros so are its cons. If this person likes the little things you do then this person will equally dislike the things you don’t do which he/she expects you to do. Whatever you do or say, whether positive or negative, this person will take everything to heart. SO BEWARE!!!

How to spot such a person?

Well, there are various traits we have to check for before suggesting that a person feels everything with intensity. But if you look at the sample, you will clearly notice that the impressions of the writings written on the back page are visible from the front. This is one of the various traits which suggests a person feels everything to a greater magnitude.

What can you do for this person?

Never ever HURT!!!! Because this person will take it personally and would never forget till the end of his/her life. Being over-sensitive is actually a self-devastating trait in itself. You may develop unnecessary anger and it may sometime lead to RESENTMENT (another big trait, which research has shown, is found in almost all the cancer patients).

If you find this trait in yourself or anyone in your social circle, give them all the love and care you can and consult a graphologist to help them get out of this quicksand.

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