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Book review: A Setup Is a Setup for a Comeback

Have you ever met with a setback? What did you do then? Did you quit, or did you turn that setback into a setup for a comeback just like the numerous people mentioned by Willie Jolley in his book ‘A Setup is a Setup for a Comeback’?

Willie Jolley has really done a great work on this incredibly written, insightful book. It helps people to realize that setback is just temporary and that it only takes a minute, yes a minute, to turn a setback, an obstacle into an opportunity.

The book is divided into three broad sections: The Power of Vision, The Power of Decision and The Power of Action. But it doesn’t gives the reader just that, it gives you the faith that you can also turn your setback into a setup for a comeback. And I personally feel, this should be the first motive of any self-help book to be able to transfer the faith to the reader.

To conclude, I can say that it can be categorized as an advance read and is targeted for people who are voyaging for their dreams and are deemed to face a temporary setback which in actuality is an opportunity, a setup for them for a comeback.

All men dream, but not equally. Those men that dream at night in the dusty recesses of their minds, awaken to find that it was just vanity. But those that dream by day are the dangerous ones, for they dream with their eyes open, to make sure that their dreams will come true!
                     – T.E. Lawrence


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