Graphology: Are your “t”s hurdles to your success?

Graphology is an amazing science to know enough of the things about a person and his personality to anticipate whether he has the qualities of a successful person or not. While there are so many things required to achieve success, one such thing is that of coming out of adversities and challenges easily. Adding on to the list is the ability to accept change and have high goals in life which are also important to achieve success.

Your letter “t” plays a vital role in you being successful. And by success I doesn’t mean only with career success, it can also relate to a successful relationship between two individuals. So are your “t”s hurdles to success?

Before we get the answer to the question, I want you to write a small note of about 5-6 lines having lots of “t”s on a piece of paper. This is important because after reading further you may never be able to write an unbiased “t” for yourself.

Have you done with the note? So lets see whether your “t” is a hurdle or a booster for your success.

The first question I want to ask is: Where is your t-bar (the horizontal line) crossing the t? Low, middle or top? Take note of that.

Low t-bar

A low t-bar looks something like this. Ignoring the other factors in the handwriting that affect this person’s personality, her low t-bar is a symbolic representation of her staying in a bad relationship for a prolonged time. The guy with her mistreats her, uses her like a doormat and she doesn’t say a word. Why? Because she believes she has no choice, she doesn’t have any better option (which is obviously not true).

You can rightly compare the concept of t-bar to the hurdles race. The t-bar represents the obstacle which the athletes have to jump. The higher the t-bar, the more difficult challenges the athlete (the person) is ready to face. On the contrary, a low t-bar signifies a personality who can’t handle a high or medium level challenges. Thus, the person who is ready to face higher level of challenges would undoubtedly be at a better position than the person who is happy with low level challenges.

If your t-bar is low, it is recommended not to raise it immediately because it can lead to various other personality compilations, including aggression, physical violence etc. In order to get proper guidance to increase your t-bar and improve your personality with the help of graphology contact using the following form.

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