Points To Remember: Delivering a speech successfully

There are various occasions that come across in life where we are required to deliver a speech or just give a few words. At that point, the first few thoughts that strike our minds are “What do I speak?” “What do I not speak?” “How do I say what I want to say?” “How can I retain the interest of the audience?” Well, here are a few points that I keep in mind during every motivational session. These points are all backed by my personal experience in the field of motivation.

1. Include as many senses as possible

A monotonous speech or lecture would make the audience go:

In order to avoid this, include the audience into your session. Help them participate in the topic. Make sure that they not only use their ears but also their eyes by making the presentation more visual (using a powerpoint slide or other means). Help them get into the session by physically involving them through various activities which require them to act.

2. Never pass any negative:

As you turn in front of your audience, you need to understand that you are given a great responsibility. Your each word can immensely influence your audience. In such a case, passing any negative or comparing things that may seem that you are debasing someone can backfire you. So avoid giving negative at all costs.

3. Add the essence of humor:

Laughter not only instills interest but also assists in enhancing the bond between the audience and the speaker. Being all too serious, without even a smile may lead to a frog-cold session.

4. Tell a story to make a point:

In Skill with people, Les Giblin highlights the point Whenever you make a point, tell a story and whenever you tell a story, make a point.” Stories add spice into the presentation. They help stimulate the brain and makes the audience to imagine what is being said, in turn, ensuring proper apprehension of the point being made.

5. Know your audience:

It would prove to be very valuable if you know your target audience in advance because that will let you mold the content of your speech according to them and their knowledge. Having the information about the people you are going to address would also aid in helping them to relate to what you are saying. For instance, if you talk to management students about how to dissect a frog, it would not have much impact. On the contrary, if you talk to doctors about how to increase the output of their subordinates, that would not hit the iron either. So, you need to make the content according to your audience’s knowledge.

To conclude, I can say that a sure-fire speaker is the one who can successfully have his audience’s attention, keep it, maintain it and at the end leave them by giving something worth thinking of.


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