Identifying My Identity

Identifying my identity

“Dude, what are you up to? Are you going to stop being a dabbler now?” asked my best friend while I was lying on a bed in dilemma trying to figure out what has happened to me.

While I was in my thoughts, she insinuated the doctor to give me a dose of Trazodone so that I can take rest. After all, she’s the one who looks after me.

Let me introduce myself. I’m the one who likes to brag about things in front of the people whom I want to impress. I’m very hysterical because of my possessive nature. Though people see me as a crusty person but who are in proximity with me know that I’m milder from inside.

I usually pout when I have to disagree with something or usually when there is a nuance difference in the opinion. My nature also depicts that I’m reclusive after having an abysmal experience. I also want someone to back me up during my stage of turmoil.

When I’m sad, I also like to distort things but I hate petrifying experiences. Edgy situations usually irk me. I also dislike being understated. I also hate apologetic situations.

If people around me disagree with me, then the situation usually end up as becoming an argument. During this stage, I most of the times think that the other person has misconstrued me.

I aspire to be transcended as a prodigy and I want people to get stunned and dumbstruck after seeing my spectacular appearance.

I also want to be prolific in whatever I do so that people can call me, “This is the person who broke the shackles of traditional methods that curbed the optimal potential of a person.”

I like to have cathartic experiences only when I’m in a calm and dark environment.

I’m able to get along with people whom I like.

To club up my nature, I would say that I like to enjoy each and every moment of my being.

And my friends, my name is – HUMAN.

– Manhardeep Singh Ahluwalia


6 replies on “Identifying My Identity”

U realy hv a knack…i mus say…n tel hw cud u give such a creative thought…wich is nt piece of cake..only a genius can do ….I wish u had done content writing.neways u n mehak do start wid it….asap.. god bless you


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