Hidden Diamond Discovered

Well, I got this today that we can’t predict where talent can be hidden. Really, its amazing to find some gems who are in the form of classmate with you.

Yes, I’m talking about one of my classmate, Gurpreet Kaur, who wrote the following incredible creative article.

Appreciate her by commenting.

Here goes her article, Journey of Life.

Journey of Life

Over the years, I have discovered life is a journey, a pilgrimage, a sacred adventure. Life is an experience of both joy and turmoil. Only those people can live the happiest life, who can understand and see the nuances of life. There are only a few people who are incredibly disciplined in their lives.

Each of us from time to time experience crisis from different life changing events and transitions, all unpredictable moments arriving and intruding into our well-groomed lives. We don’t ask for this interference and we wonder why it has arrived bringing havoc and confusion.

There are three phases of life which every human being have to pass through. The stages are:

  1. Infant,
  2. Teenage / Youngster
  3. Old age

Often, people gauge that infant age is dynamic and best stage of our life. In this time, children get a lot of praise and applaud from their parents. Because of their innocent nature, they easily get along well with each other.

In the second stage, our innocent nature gets converted into mature one. We become gorgeous, delectable and attractive, theses all changes make us earnest and responsible. This is the golden period of our life. Because we get loads of opportunities to make our careers but it depends upon the person how he would grab it or use it.

Old age is too difficult period for those who took wrong decision in their second phase of life, because now they have to depend on their children for bread and butter.

All these stages are but slice of life. Celebrating, mourning or wrestling with a life passage is an extraordinary act. Slow down and be in touch with your feelings. Be kind and loving to yourself. Act from your spirit and heart and don’t forget to breath!

– Gurpreet Kaur


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