Antiques – 7 Reasons Why We Collect Them

vintage-music-business-shop.jpgPeople collect antiques for many different reasons and therefore have many different views.

1. Some people collect antiques because they hold sentimental value. For example, someone I know owns a ceramic parrot that had been given to him by his grandparents, a cupboard from his other grandparents and a very old doll that had been given to him by his great aunt.

2. Another acquaintance of mine once owned an antique business which he set up for sales and auctions. His basement was always filled with a treasure trove of fascinating and interesting items. He could tell you the worth of any item in the basement. He loved restoring old pieces, not so much so that he could sell it for more but simply because he gained satisfaction from doing so.

3. Some even enjoy collecting antique games and old books and even collect them. One of the best known favorite antiques are the tiddly winks games.

4. Antique lovers enjoy the chase more than anything. They enjoy searching through stores and antique shops all over the country searching for that specific or unusual item they been looking for.

5. Some people look for antiques as simply a hobby but they very seldom buy anything. They simply enjoy looking at what different areas of the country have to offer. It can be a lot of fun searching through antique stores.

6. Sometimes people who want to furnish their home look for antiques. Antiques of different time periods will often work well together to create a beautiful home.

7. There are other people who deal in the buying and selling of antiques. They are hard-core, know the value of pretty much everything, and always want to buy low and sell high. These folks typically are only interested in the price itself.

To sum up, collecting antiques can be a wonderful experience and provide enjoyment for people of all ages.

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